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Thu, Nov 19, 2020 7:00 PM

Why does the Employees at comcast not help me change my IP Address

I've spoken to the comcast employees about changing my IP multiple times they send me the same link everytime

it does not help me I've gone through multiple attempts of changing my WAN IP which remains the same everytime time I've tried I call back they send the same link or just tell me the steps acting like they cannot change my IP address it is extremely annoying and irresponsible, I am constantly being ddosed and  receiving ddos threats but the employees at Xfinity do not help in any way. I just want help. 



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6 m ago

That link might change your LAN IP, but it won't change your WAN IP. To change your IP see


I've seen hundreds of similar requests here in the Forums over the more than a decade, and AFAIK Comcast has never granted a single one.



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6 m ago

This is a little drastic maybe, if you rent a gateway from Comcast, just upgrade it, depends on what you already have, you will get a new ip

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