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Tue, Sep 14, 2021 4:09 PM

Which Ethernet Port To Use With XB7 Modem?

I have the white Xfinity XB7 cable modem with the 4 ethernet ports (image link and I am using the bottom right port #4 with the orange marking. Is the light supposed to always blink orange when plugged into it? It is a green light when I use port 2. And should I be even using port 4, or does it make a difference? Reason I ask is that the internet works using both ports but I want to use the right one. 




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1 m ago

I have read it both ways that when you’re in bridge mode, it matters which port you use. Officially I believe you get one Ethernet port at gig speed, but I have read of people using the faster port with the orange or red stripe. If it’s flashing amber, that typically means 10/100Mbps speeds, so you’d probably want to go to one flashing green. An alternative would be to login at and just turn off your wireless networks and let the XB7 be a wired router for your network. You’ll need to put your current router into Access Point mode, but this works if you have things set up for multigigabit wired networking and don’t want to use the XB7 for your router. There are routers out there with multigigabit WAN, but sadly they all seem to be limited to gigabit LAN, and I haven’t seen it make a difference in wireless speeds. Good luck with your setup!




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The port with the red mark is a 2.5Gbps port. It is meant to connect to a device that also supports 2.5Gbps.  The other three remaining ports are standard gigabit ports.  If the device you are using does not support 2.5 Gbps, then using any of the ports will yield the same transfer speed.  Unless your computer/device specifically supports 2.5Gbps,there is no need to plug it into that port.  Using that port will not hurt anything, but you will not get any more 'speed' by using a non-2.5Gbps device on that port. 




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1 m ago

@Moviequill The port with the orange line is for speeds up to 2.5 gigabit. You would use that port if you subscribe to their Gigabit Speed tier. The other ports are for up to 1.0 gigabit speed.

The blinking lights indicate that data is flowing through the port. Orange light color indicates a 10/100 port negotiation speed. Green indicates a 10/100/1000 port negotiation speed.


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