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Wed, Sep 30, 2020 11:00 AM

“Weak security” after update.

After reading most of the posts on the alleged "weak security" showing on my iPhone for my xfinity wi-fi, it looks like I can stop messing with it because others who have tried to fix it - and have spent much more time on it than I - have determined it's not fixable.  Apple says its xfinitys fault, xfinity says it's Apples fault.  And neither intends to do anything about it.  The latest update blew my 365 emails out of Apple email and the apostrophe on my new keyboard (yes, the original one failed) just stopped working.  If Apple, Microsoft, or xfinity built automobiles that failed like this - and as often - no one would do business with them.  I guess we are used to spending a third of our time with our devices dealing with problems that shouldn't be problems. 


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7 m ago

Is there any solution? Do I need to call comcast or get myself a new modem?

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5 m ago

No update on this problem? Anyone?

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