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Monday, September 25th, 2023 4:17 PM


WAN IPV4 address on Xfinity app doesn’t match my actual WAN IPV4

My  router is XB8-T
On the Xfinity App under advanced settings it shows my WAN IPV4 address, however on the routers gui, via the admin menu it shows a different WAN IPV4 number. They should be the same and we’re the same in the past. On my computers when connected to the network it shows my wan IPv4 number to match the routers gui data and does not match the Xfinity apps data . (I know the wan IPv4 can change at times, that is not what is happening here) 

While writing customer service about this the app suddenly got signed out of one of my devices and my routers internet connection suddenly went down, the router started flashing red, and then restarted. Upon restarting the Wi-Fi bands were suddenly split, and there was a 2.4 ghz with a Wi-Fi name and password for that band that wasn’t there minutes prior when the bands were combined! 

why doesn’t the Xfinity app show me the correct WAN IPV4 and why did my Xfinity router lose Internet and suddenly come back on line with split bands? 

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10 months ago

@user_366742 Thank you for reaching out via our Xfinity Forums. There is really not a way for us to know for sure why your router swapped back to separate Wi-Fi networks but when the modem resets it may have caused a few of the setting to reset. We would be happy to take a look at that with you and help you set things up to a single network. 

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