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Mon, Nov 30, 2020 12:00 PM

Upset customer that is not getting what he paid for.

I paid for the 600mps service and You are only able to deliver 33mps. 


The technician that came out today blamed it on a cable which he could not explain why,  He wanted to drill a hole in my house without confirming if this would fix the issue or not.    When I suggested he try another room he said that wouldn't help.   He was very rude and just wanted to move on to his next appointment without really troubleshooting the issue. 

I am very upset and feel I was sold a bill of goods that Xfinity can not deliver on.  







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7 m ago

I suspect most people would also find that unacceptable. 


First off, is that test with an ethernet cable directly connected to the modem or gateway, or is that over WiFi? (This to eliminate the router or WiFi as the source of the issues). 

Since the technician mentioned a suspect cable, have you tried moving the modem to a location closer to the demarcation point (where the cable enters your home), just to eliminate your home wiring as the source of the problem? 

Check your home cables, are there any unnecessary splitters, open connectors, corrosion,  frayed wiring, anything along the way that might look suspect? 

If you don't find anything unusual, check Internet Troubleshooting Tips for other possible problems, and if you can, please post your modem or gateway stats as outlined in that thread.





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