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Sun, Dec 20, 2020 10:00 AM

Upgraded to xFi Complete


Not sure if this is the right area or not, maybe someone to point me in the right direction?  So I am a 5%er, I go over the cap on a normal basis.  Saw this advertisement and it checked to boxes for me: unlimited and an xFi pod.


Friday I called and upgraded my service from BLAST! to Gig and went with the xFi complete thing.  Had the option to have it delivered or pick it up.  I went with pick it up, then discovered the place was an hour away....  Okay thats fine, I wanted it sooner then later especially with the holidays coming up. Ask the sales agent about the pod as well per the website, he said I could get it when i pick up the new modem....SWEET!


Pick up modem, ask about pod, they dont carry them in the store, since I did not bring my old modem with me, I would have to call to activate.  They should be able to send you a pod when you call....SWEET!  Call to activate the modem and ask about the pod.  "I would wait 3-5 days to see if you receive one."  Could not confirm or see anything on my account about the pod.  So I left it at that.


Decided to live chat, kept referring me to the pods site where i would have to buy one.....HELP!!!


What am I missing here?  The site I am basing my purchase on says "Get the best WiFi coverage throughout your home with an xFi Pod included if recommended."  This is a self home install/upgrade, so not sure how the "if recommended" part works.  I just know I have a couple dead areas in the house from my previous setup and was expecting a pod.




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6 m ago

I too am researching if the complete is best for me.  We just cut the cord and noticed our data usage is at 75% with 10 days left to go.  It's never been over 50 and I don't know if we will go over.  Talked to Xfinity and they recommended their Gateway modem router, so I did some research.  

As for the pod you mention, I did see on their website that they are out of stock and saying it's a few weeks for delivery.  


Have you been happy with the Gateway modem / router?  Was it easy to set up (I use my own modem and router now).  Did your speeds increase?

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6 m ago

Yes happy so far, set it up this Saturday with no issues.  I too did have my own router and decided to pull it out of the equation.  Did a speed test and per the test I am 117%, so a little over a gig download with 40 upload.  Before I had the blast which I believe was 200 or 300mb.  The built in software/app is nice, as everything connected I was able to name it.  You can also setup profiles.  So both of my kids have profiles and I am able to pause connections on their devies as needed.


I still seem to be getting the run around about the pod which is dissapointing.  I did receive an email that stated this yesterday:


Whole Home WiFi Evaluation

Our digital evaluation is happening right now. It automatically evaluates your network performance to help ensure the most WiFi coverage throughout your home. Keep an eye out for an email that details our review of your home WiFi coverage.


Not 100% sure how they will determine my dead spots in my house that have been there since I have had service in this place for the past 12 years 🙂  I have fixed it with extenders and was going to pull the trigger on a mesh setup, but saw this deal and one of the reasons I went with it. 


The price was only about $20 more overall and with all the streaming services plus the internet, it is still well below our triple play cost back in the day.

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