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Sun, Jun 21, 2020 5:00 PM

Update you on new personal modem

I see the you have me with a Netgear modem, but I have a newer one and can not find how to update you.. Also, Netgear says I can not update filmware - only through you can that be done. I find on your site this gem:  "...Generally, you  can check for these (filmware) updates through your router's ...site ....". I'd feel slightly better with an updated modem-thing. Thanks.



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10 m ago

All modem and combination modem/router gateway devices receive a firmware update when they connect to the system if they are not already using the most current version. Sometimes they have to be power cycled a time or two before the update is applied.


The line you quoted about router updates refers to standalone routers. Those don't include a modem component so Comcast can't update them, customers have to do it themselves.

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