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Mon, Sep 14, 2020 4:00 PM

Unknown still

This is continued from my comment before..but just as I finished letting my sister know that I was able to pause the device that was connected through an Ethernet cable..but there are no laptop or computers connected through a Ethernet connection keep in mind.. So I was able to pause it but unable to disconnect it because I had no idea where it was connected to..but another family member whom is not one of my children showed up back here and lives next door..came home for what she will say was lunch..and ironically the device I had paused was disconnected someone covering there tracks the way I see it.. But oh well I'm sure there is nothing anyone will do because its my word against hers. ..all I know is I was able t9 eliminate my boys and I out of this ugly equation that caused me to have my mental health breakdown..hopefully its over ...but 8 guess we will see..


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