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Sun, Nov 1, 2020 10:00 AM

TV & Internet Issues - Support unable to diagnose

Hi everyone,


I'm hoping someone can assist me here. I'm facing some weird intermittent issues that Xfinity techs and support are unable to diagnose properly.




Experiencing about 20-25% packet loss intermittently. Steps i've taken


  • Modem resets + factory reset
  • removed router and wifi
  • plugged laptop directly into back of modem and also moved the modem as close to the coax cable that enters the home. Same symptoms.
  • Tech was here last tuesday and found rusted outdoor coax cable, he replaced it, and that day everything seemed fine, at least for a few hours but i didn't run the same packet loss test after, we could just tell tv and internet were flying for a while.
  • Problem has been intermitten over 6 months but usually would resolve with a quick reset and good for a few days. i had been thinking it was my router or a network device for the longest time, but now have pinpointed it for sure to the xfinity service.


  • TV Remote responsiveness is slow
  • TV occasionally says voice on X1 remote doesn't work
  • Signal strength is currently "LOW" in the comcast labs section, but sometimes you run it and it says High or unknown. TV otherwise seems to be on and working as far as picture goes but occasionally stutters.

They are hopefully sending another tech out but last one ran tests on the local node box that feeds the houses and said he doesn't see an issue. Is there any way to speak to someone who has more advanced troubleshooting skills at Xfinity for issues like this?


Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide. Next step would be to switch service to WOW or something else for internet only but would rather stay with Xfinity as i'm sure it's great when it works.





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6 m ago

I have experienced some of these issues, ok the tv remote, low battery's can cause some of these issues, if they are not low I find that sometimes I have to take the back off and take them out and put back in and that generally fixes my issues, also the tv shuddering, I have found if I remove the hdmi cable and reseat it,  my problems go away, it somehow developes a faulty connection from time to time, I have also had hdmi cables go faulty for no apparent reason, I usually keep a spare handy and the things I mentioned didn't fix I just swap the cable to rule that out, also while checking these items out, I unplug my tv and cable box, wait a few and plug back in for good measure, over the years I have occasionally lost sound and the tv just had to be rebooted to restore it, I also had a network card become faulty, it would work but not very well, slow speeds and very laggy, I had a extra laying around, replaced it and everything was great after that, I have Comcast since 1995 and I have found that a search on google remedies any problems that may arise, I guess maybe I am lucky, just my 2 cents

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