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Tue, Jan 5, 2021 2:00 AM

TV Connection and Gateway

Hi  ...

Signed into my Xfinity account to check Xfinity xfi connections to my Gateway.

It shows my computer and my Secondary (porch) TV as connected to my Gateway, but

my main TV ( Den ) connected to my X1 main box is not showing in the list of connected devices and IS On. How do I connect my main TV box to the list of devices connected?

I am not "real" technical so easy instructions would be awesome - Appreciate the Assistance !!




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5 m ago

You won’t see it because it has nothing to do with your internet service, it’s connected through coax cable. Is it a safe assumption that your porch cable box is wireless (dependent on Wi-Fi).

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5 m ago

Hi CCAndrew...

     I upgraded my 2 boxes X1 in Den  & a small box on Porch in October -- in the back of the Porch one it has the Xfinity wall cable connection - the HDMI cable - and thin black wire with the small black box (not sure of name, maybe Flex??) plugged into the wall /ac/dc ??  ----  Both TV's are ON... and working good... I was just wondering why the main X1 box (den) wasn't showing up in my devices... but you did mention that it isn't supposed to with the connection.. it is ok, just wanted to make sure everything was ok & working as it should... 

Is there a way to check data use on the X1 Main Den TV ?

Thank you so much for your help,   

Happy New Year 2021  !!

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