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Sun, Jan 3, 2021 9:00 PM

Trying to add TP-Link AX6000 as a new router on top of ARRIS GROUP, INC. TG3482G



Currently, I am renting the ARRIS GROUP, INC. TG3482G acts as a modem/router.  I am experiment to add the latest/greatest router using TP-Link AX6000.


The first step is to replace the "router" function of this renal one.


I connected the two devices via the Ethernet cable and the TP-Link device LED showed "blue" which indicates in connection. From the admin page, it also showed this device is connected.


However, I have trouble to get onto the admin page of this TP-Link, either through its  HTTP:// or the DHCP IP.


I read from somewhere that I need to "enable" the "bridge mode". 


So I went ahead to enable it. Then I got booted out of internet access. I had to call support to remotely "diable" it to get back.


This was the warning I got


"Enabling Bridge Mode will disable the Wi-Fi router functionality of your Xfinity Gateway and turn off your existing private Wi-Fi network. If you have xFi Pods, the Gateway cannot be in bridge mode since the Pods require using the Xfinity Gateway as your WiFi router. In addition, you will not be able to access the xFi experience to manage your Pods or any other xFi settings. Are you sure you want to continue?"


I felt I am in a chicken-egg situation. 


Any suggestions on how to get this 3rd part router recognized by the local network?








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6 m ago
this guy explains how to do it, he is kind of long winded, i was just watching this video when I read your post, what timing!

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5 m ago

Hello, @MHNow, I hope all is well 🙂 I hope the video that @jlavaseur shared helped. Configuring a 3rd party router is past our support but we will always do all we can. It sounds like you are already able to log into the Xfinity router and edit your network settings including Bridge Mode. This is always going to be about as far as we can go! If the video in the thread doesn't help you resolve the issue I would reach out to TP-Link to see if they have any general information that will help. If I am understanding the situation you want to be able to use your leased gateway and router so you can have 2 networks available at once. Is that accurate?


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