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Sat, Sep 19, 2020 8:00 PM

Trouble connecting multiple ethernet cables

I recently upgrade my internet speed to 1Gbps and I had to change my router (Provided by Comcast) as it wasn't compatible with the new speed. I bought a modem recommended by a friend (Netgear CM1200), but it only allows me to connect my PC using ethernet port. After searching on Internet I discovered that modems can provide a single IP that Comcast gives to you and that I need a router to allow me to use more ethernet ports. Now, with my old Comcast modem I had connected multiple devices using ethernet ports. So my question is whether I can use a Modem/Router like the Netgear C7800 to connect multiple devices via ethernet cable or I have to pay to Comcast for one that I could use?


P.D: I dont want to have a modem and a router separatly, I just want a single divice that alows me to connect my PC, XBox, Playstation, etc via cable.





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8 m ago

Yes. There is no rental fee / nothing "extra" for that customer owned gateway device.

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