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Tue, Dec 29, 2020 6:00 AM

TP-link Extender fixes the xfinity / Arris SBG10 Issues????

Recently bought a Arris Surfboard SBG10.  As soon as I installed it, I would have intermittent drops througout the house.  My signal strenght in the kitchen would be maybe 2 bars on my laptop.   I had ZERO issues with my other wifi router(linksys) other than it was older.    


Arris tells me.....  after a technician looked at my power....  said i needed to calll xfinity..  because my 

'Cable signal levels are outside of the ranges for UPSTREAM' 


Yes..  I called xfinity, they say 'its all green and everything is fine'


I have read all the threads about this.   


then I thought...  hey.  Let me try an extender'  sd I just installed a simple tp-link AC 750 dual band.     put it CLOSE to my arris Wifi router.   And


IT WORKS!     No  low bar in my kitchen.   No drops.


Am I wrong or does this tell me it IS THE ARRIS Surboard that is the issue?







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6 m ago

FWIW, that sure does sound like it was a weak WiFi signal strength problem.

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