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Sat, Nov 30, 2019 7:00 AM

Threat Detected Warnings

I keep getting alerts that my PC is under attack and comcast has blocked the threat.  It says they blocked a known malicious computer from overseas.   The message says it blocked IP from Seychellse, France, Greece, and unknown.    I also use remote desktop and have that secured and changed the port to a non standard port and do not use 3389.  I have also closed 3389.   I still get the occassional attack on the custom port.

I have formatted out and reinstalled and confimed the drives and RAM have nothing malicious on them going out.    So are these bots just trying everything on the xfinity networks looking for an unsecured machine or should I be concerned...



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I am totally getting these warnings now also! No one is helping me to figure out whats going on. I have added IVPN protection and restarted my modem, router etc. I have noticed these threats after the fact we have added new devices to our household. New Smart TV - Couple of Echos, and a new firestick 4K. With these new devices I am paying a monthly plan to protect the security to these devices and I am still getting threats detected. Did you ever get any resolve??




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@727Driver wrote:

So are these bots just trying everything on the xfinity networks looking for an unsecured machine 


Yes. As an example, even though the Heartbleed bug was fixed more than 5 years ago, there are still bots out there scanning for this vulnerability. 


Since Comcast has blocked the threat, you have nothing to worry about. 

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