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Wed, Apr 14, 2021 3:48 PM

The new white modem-quite a few issues-probably only works best if you can get the xpods and have them work

I really had my hopes up when I got the new white modem (sorry not sure what model it was) last Friday.  Hoping my network would be upgraded, but sadly I was disappointed.  This new one was really easy to install and seemed to startup quite faster than my previous one.  First issue, I had to go into my network settings and reassign all my devices since it didn't recognize them.  Which really want too painful but we have quite a lot of them and it took some time.  Second issue, internet was super slow at first but after restarting the new modem a few times for some reason it started going back to speed I was used to.  The third and most problematic issue, the range is a problem.  I am guessing they are making this modem that way so you have to get the xpods to extend the range, which I had before but had to send back to comcast because I could never get them to work properly.  After not being able to connect our outside security camera (which was probably 10 feet away from the modem) for hours, I couldn't take it any more and reactivated our old modem and the new one is on its way back.  



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Oh boy! I am sorry you had gone though all of that! Sometimes when getting a new modem it can be a bit of a task to re-connect your devices. I am wondering did you set up your network with the previous modems network name and password? I find this simplifies set up when I get a new modem so that I do not need to update all the devices in my home after setting up the modem and doing a reset after updating my network.


I want to follow up on your new modem to make sure you have a smooth change over when you get it. Can you please send us a Private Message with your first and last name and service address? To send our team a private message, click the chat icon at the top right of the screen. Choose the handle "Xfinity Support".

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Sorry, all of my forum emails were going to spam so just now saw this.  Yes, everything was setup with all the same username/password as with old modem and I reset it probably 2-3 times.  Unfortunately, I sent the new modem back and decided to keep the old one going.  I honestly feel that the new modem is only powerful with the added pods, which I will never use again from past horrible experiences.  My main issue was the range this new modem was/was not giving off.  I could not get my outside video camera module to catch the wifi signal.  I could only get it to catch when it was about 3 feet away from the modem, which is a problem.  




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@Jespochav1 @ComcastDena 

Please post any possible solutions for the issue here in the open forums so that all readers here may benefit from the exchange / info. This is in keeping with the spirit for which these public help forums were originally intended. Thank you.

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EG -

I think it's great that we have Comcast reps routinely looking into this forum now, and offering to help.

But I agree with you that more of an effort could be made in making sure if the problem the user has is rectified, it should be posted here so that everyone could benefit.

If this was done, it would be of benefit to them also, because folks wouldn't be pestering them with the same problem over and over.   


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