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Tue, Sep 29, 2020 4:00 PM

Terrible Packet Loss (Contacted Phone and Chat Support with no resolution)

The subject says it all. I've been experiencing bad packet loss for a couple of weeks now. I've contacted phone and chat support, went through all the troubleshooting steps. They sent a tech out to check everything and in his testing everything was fine. Granted, he didn't test for packet loss so...


Now for the kicker, my neighbor is also having the same issue and they've gone through all the steps. They actually went a step further and paid for Comcast to come out and redo all their lines because that was going to fix the issue according to support. Well, it didn't.


So I'm posting here in hopes that someone from Comcast can escalate this issue and get it fixed. 


I'm including a screenshot showing my packet lost during a 10 minute period. You'll see that the packet loss starts at the second hop so the issue is not my network. Not to mention that my neighbor is having the same issue.


Packet Loss.png



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