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Wed, Dec 30, 2020 3:00 PM

T3 Timeout

So beginning of this month I started to experiencing internent dropping or complete internet outage for whole night unless I restart the modem. Therefore, I gave a Xfinity a call and tech came and he said ther was nothing wrong with the coax cable coming through the ground. So, I assumed that it was my modem (Netgear C7800 wifi/modem)  so I called a netgear for new modem but same model. Although, after the new modem and everything, I was still exerpeiecning a internet drop and outage. So, I changed to new coax cable that runs through the house.  But the problem still did not get fixed. so I gave a tech a another call. But same as all ways he said there was nothing wrong witht he cables and everything. So I looked at my event log on netgear genie and I noticed T3 and T4 problem. So I did my own research and I found that T3 can happen whenever power for downstream is above 7 or -7 dBmV. And I found that often coax splitter that saids -3.5 dBmv fixes the issue so I changed the splitter and so far yesterday I did not notice any drop or outage and T3 issue. But today I noticed a there was T3 on my eveny log on in 1pm and another one on 5pm. Is this something I should be worried or it should be fine?

These are my event log and my cable info


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