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Mon, Jun 15, 2020 9:00 AM

Switching Connection Point for xFi Pods?

For the internet setup in my home I have one gateway and three xFi Pods. For simplicity, I'll call them Pod A, Pod B, and Pod C. 


Pod A is the closest to my gateway (it's just the next room over.) Pod B is on the same floor as Pod A, but separated by some walls. Pod C is a floor above all of them, but right above Pod B. So as far as connection points go, I would expect Pod A would connect to the gateway, Pod B would connect to Pod A, and Pod C would connect to Pod B. 


But that's not what it's doing. While the gateway IS the connection point for Pod A, the rest of it is weird. Pod A is the connection point for Pod C, and Pod C is the connection point for Pod B (even though Pod B is much closer to Pod A.) 


I'd like to fix this to work the way that I think will give each pod the strongest signal, but I haven't figured out a way to do this. Does anyone have any suggestions? 





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1 y ago

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1 y ago

I have a large sprawling house requiring 6 pods (based on square fottage). My gateway is in an office. One wall sparaing the rest of the house is brick, another is wood with a loft above. The other two are glasslooking to the yard. It is not possible to lay out pods in a "star-like" pattern.

I'm afraid the brick wall will block signal, so I plan to put a pod in the loft. The loft is pretty open to the rest of the house. If I can get a good signal past the loft, the rest should be ok. My question is where to put the first pod (ie right next to the gateway or is that too close. I hear it is bad to be too close to the gateway). I could also put another in a hallway near and downstream of the loft.

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