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Fri, Jul 3, 2020 5:00 PM

Support reps saying conflicting things, internet dropping constantly

I have been working from home, and my internet has been dropping in and out repeatedly every single day, at least 5 times during a normal workday for at least 5 minutes each time.

I called Comcast on Monday to try and get my internet fixed, and the support rep said that it appears to be an issue with the line, and that they'd try to contact the RTE department (I think) and schedule an appointment, and that they'll call me back within an hour about an appointment. 3 hours pass by, and nothing.


I called again on Monday, and the new support rep said that they fixed the issue by changing some settings or configurations, and the issue should be fixed.


Within the past day, my internet has dropped around 15 times.


I called again yesterday, and the supervisor said they can't send anyone out, even if it's to check the line outside. Is this true? Why did one person say they'll try to send someone out, and then another said they can't send anyone whatsoever?


Here's my modem cable connection and part of the event log if that helps:



Event Log


Here's a picture of what I believe is the line into the house if that helps:




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