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Fri, Dec 25, 2020 8:00 AM

Still not getting advertised Blast internet speeds.

So I have been having trouble with Comcast for a while now & any time I call and complain , nothing gets fixed. It seems to get worse.  I have the blast internet package which says it is a 300 mbps connection and I am only receiving 150mbps down and 10/11 up.   


I have tried directly connecting to the modem and resetting with no results.  Reprovisioning seems to do nothing and comcast will not send another tech out. The wires were replaced outside just a few years ago. This is really unacceptable , especially considering the price of all the services comcast charges for. What gives? It would be nice to get what I pay for. Ever since this local company was purchased out by comcast, the internet has gone to the underworld unfortunately.



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6 m ago

Hello @riverad434, thanks for reaching out to us on our Forums page! We truly appreciate you being a customer with us and I am sorry to hear about the slow speeds you have been experiencing. We definitely understand the importance of receiving the speeds you're paying for and you have absolutely reached the right team to help. To further troubleshoot this speed concern, can you please send me a Private Message including your first and last name as it appears on the account?


To send me a Private Message, please click my name “ComcastAmira” and click “Send a message".

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