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Thu, Jun 18, 2020 12:00 PM

Speeds dropped from 600-900 range with gigabit service to 90 download.

Hello,  I'm hoping someone can look at my signals and see if they see an issue.  I have been at my address for 6 years.  Residential Home.  It has been a great connection up until two weeks ago.  A xfinity bucket truck was working on the line on my street and internet went out.  When it came back up my speed was locked at 90-95.  I have had two techs come out and look at the line and both said I was getting 1200 down from the street to my house.  The second tech came inside to check speeds from the modem.  It showed 800 down.  However, it only lasted a day.  So I decided to try some troubleshooting to remove possibilities of what could be the issue.  I tried an older docsis 3.0 modem just to see if I could get over the 90 down issue.  Same speed 90 down on that modem too.   This was with a direct line from modem into laptop to take router issue out of the equation.  So here are photos of my modem signals.  Hopefully someone can see an issue.  Thanks!




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