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Thu, Oct 22, 2020 7:00 AM

Some internet works, some doesn’t

This is has been an ongoing issue for a few months now. Every once in a while, our internet will MOSTLY stop working.

Certain apps, certain websites work, but the rest doesn’t. For example, this morning, I was unable to open most websites. I assumed it was a problem with my iPad because my three kids were all on Zoom meetings that were working just fine. But as soon as their meetings ended, they were unable to reconnect.

I can google things and get results, but then none of the links work.

I’m able to use the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps, but not the websites. I was able to download an app, but I can’t open, for example, the New York Times website...or any others.

I’ve restarted the modem twice and reset it once, with no results. I’ve called Xfinity, but that was also no help.

Usually I just need to wait for things to resolve themselves, but I’m tired of this happening.

Why is most of the internet broken for me? Is this a problem on my end, or on Comcast’s?


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