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Fri, Nov 6, 2020 9:00 AM

Snail speeds

The plan I have is for 1 gigabit of download service.  Best I get on the second floor within 15 feet of the modem is 36.8 download and 29.5 upload.  That's the best on average it's in the low 20's both up and down.  When I move to the first floor the service drops to 4.10 download and 1.82 upload.  It's horrible.  I've added 6 wifi pods to the house to improve coverage, no use.  Doesn't help.  Any suggestions on what I could do?  Possibly upgrade my modem?  Install a wifi mesh system?  Change to another ISP?  Comcast has gotten worse even with the pods installed about 4 months ago.  Should I dump Xfinity?



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6 m ago

Have you tried comparing wired with wi-fi speeds to see how much of the problem is wi-fi vs an ISP/modem/line issue?  I wouldn't expect pods to do anything for a line issue. And probably not for a wi-fi performance at 15 feet issue either, but if you know which it is, you may get an idea of what to do next. 

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