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Wed, Nov 18, 2020 5:00 PM

Slow WiFi speed Xfi in bridge mode Apple AirPort Extreme network

I’m having some issues. I recently upgraded from 300mbps to 600mbps. I have had a home network with like 5 Apple airport devices To extend my network. The 300mbps was never great especially at the end of the house. In the same room I’d hit over 300mbps, but that deteriorated Exponentially as you trailed away from the room. At times I could get in the 100s On the 5ghz but it was very inconsistent. The 2.4 was inconsistent too. Up and down. Seemed like interference, but I would go a while where it was good and then it would start messing up again. Eventually things got more consistent without really doing anything. We had the black Xfi modem Setup in bridge mode that was connected directly to the first AirPort Extreme automatic channeling. Then the rest of the airport devices extend that network. Which was better than the supposed WiFi signal of the Xfi router itself because my point of connection is at the far end of the house.

Fast forward and we were having intermittent outages. I saw a tree limb hitting the line on windier days. Finally got a tech to come out while I wasn’t home and they replaced and made the line taut which fixed the issue. But for some reason he also replaced the black modem w the newer white modem. Then the speeds were inconsistent again.

Frustrated I called Comcast and nothing was figured out. I ended up s giving up and upgraded to 600mbps. I’ve verified that the modem can get around that when it’s not in bridge mode, but when I place it in bridge mode I go back to getting around 300mbps at the device and basically have exactly what I started with before I upgraded.

I’ve tried restarting everything, switching around airport devices, resetting the airport devices. Nothing seems to work. I’ve read that there could be settings that are limiting the speed somehow, but what I read wasn’t related to Apple airport devices. I have also read that these specific airport devices should be able to provide these speeds or at least close.

I would really appreciate any advice or guidance. Thanks so much.



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2 m ago

I have the same problem, and I made additional testing. My network slows down to <100 Mbps from 800 Mbps if it is operating on "bridge mode". I have the Airport Extreme modem as well and it works fine for about 20 minutes every time I reset the Router/Modem from Xfinity.

My only explanation is Xfinity slows down the network when it is operating on "bridge mode". Yes, Xfinity wants you to use their equipment ONLY so they can control all your IoT home devices and sell you more stuff, or increase the price based on usage. 

Use the public network coming out of Xfinity's router/modem and test all with - the result is appalling. Don't be surprised, the longer you are an Xfinity customer, the more you pay.

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