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Sat, May 8, 2021 1:10 AM

Slow upload speeds. Question about latency.

Is it that xfinity doesn't want to do an upgrade or something to their technology? Do enough people have to complain? Because for the price that is charged for gigabitpro service, plus the rental fees and taxes is seems like the 40mbps upload speed is old technology speeds or is this a max with cable lines? I find it hard to believe with online gaming being big and still getting bigger and bigger packet transfers and just files in general being huge these days why it can't be figured out how to make it faster because let me tell you, uploading a 10 gb file to backup the family Christmas in 4k to a cloud drive takes mostly all of 24 hrs. [ no its not them capping their speeds]

My Google stadia game system runs on internet only, next Gen games all with no physical storage on my end. I can't use it on xfinitys service because of the the packet round trip, every 15 to 20 sec it freezes for 1 sec and yeah, 1st world problems right?? Well yeah but if its offered and I pay for it why shouldn't I be able to not die all the time? Because I froze while jumping or someone shoots me because my internet cant send a round trip of packet info fast enough at a constant speed. ( get a tool and watch the xfinity upload speeds) Its like a roller coster. And when the max is only 40 mbps that tends to [Edited: "Language"] when it drops to 5 on a gigabit pro service. 

I just can't see how this will be ok even in the near future for the simple fact of it isn't going to get any smaller in file size, it will only get bigger. And I can't imagine xfinity is just going to be like we'll that's the best we got. Sorry.

I mean would a company really build an infrastructure like cable internet and TV with a technology cap on it?  I sure hope not. Because that will just be one more infrastructure this country will just leave behind and let us pay high prices for [Edited: "Language"] service that some company has no overhead cost on. 

Not that it is quite there yet, that's not what I'm saying I'm just wondering about the future of cable internet and is this the best it gets as far as latency goes? 

Do we have to seriously check what internet services are available in an area before even moving 🤔?  Seems silly.


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