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Fri, Oct 16, 2020 12:00 PM

Slow Upload and Data Caps

For several months now we are homeschooling with a family of 4 kids and two working parents. I continously have to monitor the data usage and just with schools and work we burn with maybe a movie at night 35 to 40Gb per day. To stay under the Data Cap I had to reduce all quality of streaming services and updates:

1) No more auto update. Updates of devices like Windows, Apple TV, IPads, iPhones, watches Playstation and macs are only allowed at the 2nd to last day of the month if there is still data left. This clearly will result in missed security updates and other needed patches but I guess Comast/Xfinity is ok with these exposures now. 

2) All qualty has been cranked back: iPad streaming only allowed at 480, TV only at 720 and channels like Disney plus cranked back to just at most 2 GB per hour.

3) Periodic rolling backouts for kids so they can't use internet  one day out of the weekend.
4) For work I disable video uploads and disable seeing participants so I don't exceed

5) For Work I minimize pulling source updates to once per week and only at night because during the day Xfinity gives only 12Mbps down and 0.6Mbps. I have had Xfinity techs replace all lines so now just a single line from external to the router/modem. Powerlevels look great.


With all these restrictions I manage to get to 35Giga Byte per day with homeschooling and remote work. It is tiring to have to manage the data caps like this. To say the majority of people don't exceed maybe is true for single or people without school kids. And even with a small family if you don't pay attention to all the quality settings and auto updates then I am sure you also will approach the 1.2TB cap quickly. Disney+ is 8GB per hour so watch 1 movie per day and you have 16GB per movie. Do that everyday and you have about 500GB burned and did nothing else. Add the addional auto updates on all these devices and you add many more Gigabytes. 


Secondly during the day my speeds drop to: 12 Mbps down and 0.6Mbps upload for a service that is supposed to be 175Mbps down and 5Mbps upload. When I read it will always be asymetric then that is fine but when I started 5 years ago I had 25Mbps upload, That was changed just like that to 12Mbps, then later to 6Mbps and now 5Mbps and and Xfinity can't even provide that QoS. Only in the evening do I get the advertised speeds.


The Data Caps and slow speed makes working and schooling with the Xfinity plans annoying to say the least. Hopefully 5G will create more competition and allow for new types of internet plans without restrictions.


Does anyone else have these experiences? Wonder how many people are battling the Data Caps with the homeschooling. During normal times this was not an issue but now I think many people are getting the you are exceeding the limit warnings. 


Is your service bad during the day? I really feel being throttled during the day for uploads.


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7 m ago

Yes, our upload speeds are dismal for the past few months. It is < 1Mbps although we are supposed to get 5 Mbps. Like you mentioned, only during evenings/weekends it's the advertised speed. Other times it's unacceptable.

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