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Tue, May 18, 2021 4:29 PM

Slow Speeds Through Switch

When I connect directly to the Xfinity modem/gateway (via a 3 foot CAT 6 cable) I get about 945 MBS; OK, good. 

When I connect with the same computer through a Gigabit switch (TL-SG108E, a true duplex Gigabit smart managed switch) I get 92 MBS.

All cables are short CAT 6 cables, the modem has been power cycled. 

I can't figure out why the thru-put of the switch is not better.  I also tried an unmanaged switch with the same results.   Any suggestions would be appreciated.





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1 m ago

First. Ensure that any and all QoS features are disabled.



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OK.  The current QoS is set at: "DSCP/802.1P Based".

My other options are: "Port Based" or "802.1P Based"; no 'Disable' option is listed.

Let me know which is 'best', or I can try the other 2 if in doubt.

BTW, I have the same problem with an unmanaged switch.  Up graded to this one to make sure is was Gigabit duplex (both directions).

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.        ...........  Tom  ..........

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