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Sun, Dec 13, 2020 10:00 PM

Slow Internet

Our home internet was working great till last few days. 

Here is what we got:

Mac 100 Mbps

Mac 90 Mbps

Mac 21.1 Mbps .... cannot work

Windows 5 Mbps .... cannot work VPN disconnects

Alexa + Connected Lights working ok

Google Nest working ok

Three TVs One hardwired two over the wireless modems all working fine

3 Wired Phones connected to the Modem

3 iPhones connected to Modem

1 Connected wireless Printer


All of this was working fine till today when my better half had to go to the office to continue her work.

Called Xfinity support and the AI BOT restarted the Modem twice. Finaly reached the support in Phillipines. They said Modem is has gone bad - ordered need replacement. I got the new XB7 modem from Xfinity shop in Sunnyvale. Connected the new Modem and saw the same issue. 


Reached out to Xfinity on chat support. Got connected with Mumbai office. The person restarted the Modem one more time after making some backend updates. Not sure what he did. But the problem is still there. Two machines are very very slow. I asked if they could share network stats with me. But he could not. I was given the option to have Tech support visit our home next week.


I hope this connectvitiy issues get fixed. I wonder if 1 GBPS speed dedicated to my home or the whole block. Spoke with 2 people in the Xfinitly shop, 30 minutes with Xfinity AI BOT, 1 person in Phillipines, 1 person in Mumbai, 1 supervisor, 4 hours of my time. The issue remains!!




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