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Fri, Aug 14, 2020 8:00 PM

Slow Download Speeds for 90+ Days

Hi.. First Post & Possibly only post.

For at least the past 3 months my "BLAST" (Up to 200mbps) download speeds have averaged 15mbps to around 50mbps. I'm guessing that this is due to bandwidth being overstressed since the "VIRUS" struck and forced almost everyone to stay home, work from home & school from home. 

Speed tests over the past 3 hours using 4 different speed test sites with my gaming laptop (nothing open/running but a single browser) connected via CAT6 ethernet to my GIGe port is averaging less than 40mbps... slowest was 12mbps. fastest was 36mbps.... 


Have done the modem/router resets/reboots and hard (removed power for more than 5 minutes) many times - all connectors connected/tight... 


My monthly bill for around 125 channels & the BLAST internet is outrageous (over $200/month) ever since the PROMO period ended. Still not sure why there is an item in the bill for "Broadcast Television" for $15/month when broadcast television in each market is absolutely FREE to receive with an antenna connected to the TV or Tuner. 

Have had many problems over the years as a customer... Router/Modem Replacements, set top boxes replaced. One of the last visits a DVR Cable Box was put in my living room - because the Tech didn't have 3 regular boxes - so now I also have the DVR monthly fee... I don't even use the DVR.


Anyone else have or had similar issues?


Does XFINITY have any compensation or reduction/credit to monthly bills for everyone that is impacted? 


Almost considering: dropping the television side completely & just keeping the internet.

Also considering: dropping everything and just using cellular hotspot for everything.

Would end up being cheaper and cause less anxiety while watching those buffering rings on tv's or laptops/tablets.  


Sorry for the long winded post... but this is just frustrating. Should have better service, speeds for paying over $2500/year. 


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