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Mon, Dec 21, 2020 5:00 PM

Should I upgrade to the XB7?

Hi guys, I got my service installed back in March. I am wondering if I should upgrade to the XB7 since I could benefit from Wifi 6 and the extra ethernet ports. However I heard back in July and August that the XB7s were plauged with bugs. Does anyone know if the XB7 has been polished? Thanks!


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6 m ago

I have had the Xb7 for a some months now with zero issues, only thing I miss is the ability to change options in the admin panel, they are grayed out now, that being said, during the install it gave me the option of transferring my settings over from my old gateway, I said yes, on my old Xb6 I was able to change options in the admin panel, I had it setup for optimum performance for my current devices and environment, after the install was completed all my devices connected, iPhones, iPads, printers, computers, both Linux and win10 etc, automatically, my speed was the same , rock solid connection, never drops, tho my Xb6 was excellent that way also, this was just my experience with the Xb7

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