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Mon, Jan 11, 2021 2:00 PM

Setting up and activating the package

Setting up and activating internet and stream (tv) service



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5 m ago

Hi @LosingmyCool. We appreciate your patience. Were you able to get help activating your services? If not, can you provide more details of the experience you're having? How did you place the order? Is this a brand new account? Are you getting any error codes? Do you have the correct modem? 

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3 m ago

I found the app poorly constructed. There was no clear button for activating new devices. The only comment on that was to install the app--which I had already done. After looping around that for awhile, I finally clicked on having trouble with device (instead of activating) and that took me to clear instructions.

Then I found there is no manual for using the new router. And had to google what the default username and password was because those printed on the device were not working after I had installed it with my old network name and settings (though the old password didn't work). The default, in case anyone is interested is: username: admin and password: password

Setting up the TV box also had some glitches. For some reason I couldn't type in my home phone number (only four digits places came up). Fortunately, I have my cell phone linked to the account and that was the next option. That allowed for all ten digits and worked.

On the plus side, both devices work fine. But, the process of activating needs to be improved.

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