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Mon, Aug 3, 2020 4:00 PM

Second public IP

Good evening,


I am looking to have a second public IP added to my internet connection. From what I've seen, this service isn't available in all markets anymore and may or may not be available, even if its not listed on your rate card. (It's not listed on my rate card, for what its worth.)


Nonetheless, I spoke with a friendly rep via the online chat last week who said I could get this service. He said someone would reach out within 24 hours to confirm via e-mail/phone but that was days ago and I've had no follow up and my modem is still provisioned for only one public IP.


Is there anyone with the power out there to check into this to see if I was given accurate info? And if it is available in my area, what do I actually need to do to get it provisioned?


Happy to provide further details privately.


Thanks in advance!


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