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Sun, Dec 27, 2020 12:00 PM

SB6121 -> SB8200 dramatic speed drop


My contract expires in January 2021 and I wanted to go with a faster plan that sb6121 does not support. So ahead of time I got sb8200.

I provisioned sb8200 this morning instead of sb6121 and my measured speed dropped to 32mbit from 120mbit. This is with the laptop connected directly to the modem via cat5e.

It looks (to me) like my plan went from 100mbit plan to 25mbit plan, weird. Xfinity phone support was not able to help after multiple calls and they are sending a tech tomorrow (they promised it will be free of charge, we shall see) to check my lines (duh, sb6121 had no issues with lines so I doubt that check will result in anything).

Here is what I noticed:

 - my data for december 2020 is almost out at 80gb left, does xfinity throttle? I received 90% data used warning in my profile.

 - if I restart sb8200, I get 120mbit measured speed for the first few minutes, then it drops to 30-33mbit.

Here are the signal levels from sb8200:


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6 m ago

The issue is resolved, there was a trap on the pole.

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