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Tue, Mar 3, 2020 2:00 PM


Samsung R5 Speaker Won't Connect to Wifi

I recently changed my provider from Centurylink to Xfinity.  Every device in my house will connect to the Xfinity wifi with the exception of my Samsung R5 and R7 speakers.   They worked fine before I changed to Xfinity.  I called Samsung and went through the connection steps a bunch of times - reset the speakers, etc., etc. but we could not get the speakers to connect.  Samsung says the speakers must have a 2.4 Ghz connection.  They think this might be the issue.  Now that I am on xfinity, I cannot pick the connection.  I see that Xfinity chooses if you are on a 2.4 ghz connection or a 5 ghz connection.  I need to force these speakers to use the 2.4ghz connection to see if that might be the issue.  I tried to make a separate network name for 2.4 ghz, but the program keeps telling me that is not recommended and won't let me do it.  Does anyone know a way to force the speakers to use the 2.4 connection?  Anyone experience the same issues with these types of speakers?  The y are useless now that I changed my internet!  Thanks!




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If you are not using any Xfi WiFi pods, try separating the combined bands;

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