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Mon, Dec 28, 2020 2:00 PM

Router/modem dropping signal for a few seconds at random

Hello all,
Im currently using a Netgear C7000 AC1900. I own this router, it was not rented to me by comcast or xfinity. I purchased it after my previous router died.  Over the past month that I have had it I have experienced connectivity issues when playing games- specifically games with lots of information to be transmitted, mainly massively multiplayer games. I've troubleshot the router/modem combo on the manufacturer's website and came up with no luck then was directed here.

When this happens, any game I am playing will disconnect, any music or videos that are streaming will buffer- waiting for interent signal to return. After about 3-10 seconds the internet will come back. My videos will resume playing and I can reconnect to my games. 

I think its important to note this only happens when I am playing online games. When I am only watching videos, listening to music, or using Discord the connection is quite fine.

I have tried power cycling the router, factory resetting the router, sending a reset signal though the xfinity customer portal, adjusting router settings and none of this has worked. I have seen this topic:
and it is remarkably similar to my issue, but it seems the "solution" was to escalate to a higher comcast rep.
Attached is an image of my router's event log for review, it is very similar to the one in the post I have referenced. 


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