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Thu, Oct 29, 2020 7:00 AM

Router Rebooting about 5 Times per day

I'm not a techie with error logs and keeping a ping alive to refresh every 10 seconds to monitor when issues start arising.


Our router reboots about 5 times a day at minimum and gets very spotty and slow in between.    This started a month back.    After reboot the speeds are back to our 210-230 Mbps speed.   Have had Comcast Techs out multiple times in past month.  The Xfinity router was replaced, all lines verified each time to the house, to the router, etc. and told all are okay.    I had noted a month back, past our initial hop to the house from comcast, that there was a lot of digging and a lot of activity by workers, across the street.   We asked what was up and they said they were contracted from Comcast.   They were a lot of workers flagging a whole area and digging a big hole, not your typical laying a line.    That probably correlates to when we started having problems.    I've seen other threads, where this type of issue definitely is caused outside the home.    With this work from home paradigm it is absolutely imperative that this issue get remedied.    I host international meetings with South Korea and Brazil from Warren Michigan.    AT&T doesn't have fiber in my newer neighborhood (bran new builds started in 2006 and continue to today with various developers), so is not an alternative.    Even though the comcast tech that came out today suggested privately that we just go with AT&T.   After he left we evaluated AT&T's top plan in our neighborhood and it only gets 50 Mbps.    We are paying for high speeds for a reason.   We've been with comcast for years with no such issues at all of this sort.   Something didn't just magically go wrong.   There is a definitive reason and it is outside our home.


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