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Thu, Feb 27, 2020 10:00 PM


Router Blocked personal domain

Your router has blocked my personal domain and web site because your router thinks that it is malicious. I have tried to use your support system. I continue to get a broken popup that only shows a blank page. 


I called your customer support but they could not help me. I did not receive the phone call they said would happen and there has been no communication to help. 


How do you white list a website through the router? 


Steps I have taken.

1. I have reset my router. 

2. I have reset my device.

3. I have reset my router.

4. I have reset my device.


Results: I can navigate to the domain 1 time. Then I am blocked again.

Please help! Please have someone contact me that can actually do their job correctly and help me unblock my own site. 




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2 y ago

As a work-around for now, disable the Advanced Security feature, it's buggy;



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