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Wed, Jul 8, 2020 5:00 PM

Remote Desktop and AWS server issues

My company uses a remote desktop for work. I can log in from anywhere, but I'm now working from home. My internet speed works great outside of the remote desktop session but inside the session is extremely slow. My sprint hotspot from my cell phone works better than the Comcast connection (I've tried using an ethernet cord instead of using WIFI but it's still slow.) I've talked to our IT department and they show me how to run a "Tracert" back to the AWS server. The "Tracing Route" shows that Comcast is having an issue in FL. I've tried to call Comcast but no one will talk to me about the Tracing route report. The xfinity call center transferred me to the Comcast business support line but they suggested that I switch from Xfinity to Comcast business without addressing the issues in the Tracert report.
I've reset my Xfinity modem and one of the Xfinity call center employees reset something from their end but nothing has worked.
Can you help me or point me to an email or phone number where I can get help? At one point my Comcast internet was screaming fast and working in the remote desktop session was faster at home than at the office. But ever since January of 2020 is been unuseable.


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