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Sun, May 10, 2020 7:00 PM

Reached 50 MBPS Upload on a Coaxial Connection!

I pay for 1000 Download 35 Upload! An did a speedtest an ended up reaching 53.55 Upload! Wish xfinity would let me keep that upload as my package but, I Know thats gonna go away an never be reached again. They always say Coax doesnt support over 30 or 35 upload but, Here im getting over 50MBPS on a hardwired connection directly thru my Netgear CM1200 Xfinity Approved Modem! 








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1 y ago

FWIW, we've seen some posts here indicating that they have added a fifth upstream channel in some areas, hence increasing the upstream bandwidth capability. Don't know if they are just doing it temporarily because of all the extra pandemic traffic.

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