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Wed, Dec 9, 2020 8:00 PM

Re: Xfinity Admin Gateway | Block Youtube

Same issue here. Is there a fix or a workaround to enable the blocking?




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I did a simple search on google, folks having the same issues are using this,


How do I block YouTube without blocking Google classroom?
Install Blocksite (free Chrome Extension) and add in the blocked site list. Add a password to Blocksite so the kids cannot unblock YT. You need to type in your password to remove YT from the list of Blocked sites when they earn the privilege of screen time
But with that being said, if your kid has access to google and is resourceful, they will most likely find a way around any attempts to block them, realistically you can't expect a Comcast gateways parental controls to defeat a determined kid, sure they probably work for most situations, but I read where kids get their friends WiFi passwords and bypass your gateway altogether, kids are very clever 

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