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Sun, May 17, 2020 3:00 PM

Re: Upstream issues without a paddle

@CCAndrew just switched to Netgear CM 1000 and changed to 1Gibt plan. Getting speeds <100mb. Contacted Netgear and they confirmed modem is fine. Upstream & downstream power levels are not within acceptable range (-7 to +7 and 38-48). Field tech visited last week and confirmed no problem with Xfinity provided modem. This is my 2nd 3rd party modem from Amazon and i have a hard time believing it's 'another' defective one. Hoping you can help. 



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1 y ago

Since you aren’t the original poster, what troubleshooting have you done? What levels exactly do you have? How are you testing your speeds? Sorry, you left out a lot of details. What did the tech say or do?

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