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Mon, Jan 11, 2021 7:00 PM

Re: Upload speeds are terrible.

Same issues here as well, i am in michigan and since about a month ago i have had 4 calls into comcast. The first support was modem reset, that didn’t help. They lost connection on the phone call and comcast didn’t call me back, second call the support said they found my equitment to be having a grey signals or errors and that they said i should purchase a new modem, i said okay. Went and bought a new modem and hooked all up and bam right away 1mb upload. So then the sent a tech out, no issues found inside or outside my home. Tech had no idea, said nothing could do. His little hand held tester hooked direct to my modem show 1mb up. So then i called back again and a support said she was manually provison my modem. I said okay thats the first ive herd of that. Well we went through the process 4 times, on the 4th time it finally went back up to my upload of 22mb up. I said hey!! You fixed it. Well 2 days later i am back down too 1mb upload. In have no clue whats going. Inhave replace ethernet, modem, cords, network cards. I think its time to look for another provider. I also wonder if they’re throttling people. Cause the download speeds are fine but upload is really having issues. I too stream as a hobby and can’t upload to stream. I make money from it and depend on on this ISP to trouble shoot and provide but its seems its common. I don’t know where to go from here. You call in and say internet and there system auto does a modem restart, then you have to wait 10 minutes to reply failed in the auto text system just to speak to someone live, now i know covid is going on but id rather just hit 0, get a real person and have then tell me whats really going on. Are they throttling customers? If they’re just tell, i would understand much more then because i am sure everyone is doing stuff online and the most load the network has ever had. But don’t tell us oh its just this or that. Ugh. Oh well. I’ll just deal with it but will look for other service.



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5 m ago

You dont say whether its all devices or a single computer, For whats its worth, another poster had simular issues, replaced all the wiring etc, he ended up uninstalling his network card on his computer in the device manager, rebooted, it will reinstall the network card, it fixed his issues, it seems his drivers were corrupted, its simple but worth a try



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Similar to my experiences that go back months and months and I have their modem/gateway. It affects all devices 2 laptops, a kindle, and even the x1 box trying to look at my account. By the time I  go through the purpose built auto-attendant and numerous restarts they would give up and schedule a service call that I'd cancel because by the next day someone reset their network servers to resolve it.

I have a permanent solution which will have me jumping into the fire of their biggest competitor here (AT&T) after over 30 years as a customer. I know they don't care since no executive has an e-mail or a phone. Let them get another customer, because this fool is leaving.

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