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Thu, Sep 10, 2020 1:00 PM

Re: Someone else's devices connected to my router, now my connection is unstable

Internet has been slow for a couple of weeks now, thought it was because of the start of the school year, with more people online in our community, but today found out I have the same problem as the Original Poster...
Many other neighbors' devices have been connecting through my Network for weeks now without permission or a password.
I paused all unknown devices, and my network has always been"Closed" ...  but I want to know why this has happened and how to remedy and prevent it from occurring in future.
This is a very disturbing breach of privacy!
Has anyone found a reason or solution for this problem??

We pay roughly $225 per month, so needless to say, Comcast needs to fix their service ASAP, or we will be moving to a different provider.


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8 m ago

I got mine fixed, they needed to disable MoCA and I got a new router and all is back to normal now

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