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Thu, Dec 24, 2020 11:00 AM

Re: slow internet speeds.

Same issue, just noticed it today. Normally get ~230mbps, today no more than 94Mbps


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6 m ago

Same issue here. 40 Mbs ( 300mbs package )


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6 m ago

I'm getting the same issue on the night I need the internet the most. The tech on the phone told me my modem is old though it's never had a problem till tonight. Then she said good luck and hung up on me. Really awful service.  My modems approved and always worked. I just downloaded an 80 gig game at 9am today fine. Then tonight the speed got increasingly worse. Tech is useless as always.  I need this connection tonight of all nights. I was online going over a very serious issue and the internet suddenly fails me.  Sorry for the inconvenience is not good enough and this is Christmas Eve of all nights! The internet is a crawl. 


Also happening to a friend who lived about 4 blocks away from me. It's definitely comcast. I don't need a new modem that worked 100% fine suddenly and neither does my friend who's modem is newer than mine.

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