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Wed, Mar 4, 2020 7:00 PM


Re: Numerous connection dropouts a day for over a month

You are not alone. The exact same issue has been happening to me since January - when there would transient drops in Downstream power, with a drop in SNR values sometime between 3 pm - 9 pm (I happen to be an engineer/scientist). The modem would then lose the connection and stay that way for at least a few minutes - ruining the work I often do from home (esp. these days).


When the first tech came out, he couldn't find any problem because it didn't happen while he was here at his pre-appointed time. I explained and showed the modem logs showing the downstream signal drop in a transient manner - at which point he started being politely condescending - and in the end just ignored the problem and went away.


I complained again, and the second tech came to say people were outside working on comcast's lines external to my home, which should fix the problem. Then he came into my home to check my wiring "Just in case". He then went away saying the external work should fix the problem with Comcast's infrastructure. It didn't.


I later found that Comcast charged me $70 for the second tech visit, because "there was a problem inside my home". I was apalled and had to call them to reverse the charge. The problem remains, of course, very much with Comcast, one and a half month later.


I'm certainly hoping that if nothing, this 5G hype will let me have a wireless broadband, so that I can rid myself of Comcast. That remains my only hope.

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Same, except I have only been here 2 days, and had 3 drop outs (in SF). When on a Skype call "just restart your gateway" is not cutting it. Yes, I can restart and 5 minutes later I'm back with my call, but this is not acceptable. I have a call back from support scheduled for tomorrow, I am anxious to hear they have a patch fot the gateway or similar or I am going to have to get a different provider to be able to work from home.


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Same problem here.   I work at home so I notice the reset, because it kicks out my VPN.  The WiFi signal drops and resets quickly, usually within a minute.

Some days it only happens twice between 7am - 7pm;  other days it happens 2-3 times per hour.


Xfinity came out and replaced the router, but that didn't help.   I don't think I need boosters because at times I've been sitting within eyesight of the WiFi router and it still drops.  I don't have an ethernet drop in my upstairs office to which I could hard-wire.  That might solve the issue but it's a costly theory.   I wish the WiFi would just stay steady!  I think it's just the internet signal and nothing with Cable TV. 

I have never noticed a problem with Cable TV, On-Demand, or Netflix, so I think the signal into the modem is OK, but the WiFi is getting bounced separately. 

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