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Sat, Apr 4, 2020 5:00 PM

Re: Network Drops Several Times a day // Slow Connection Speeds

This is a COMMON problem with Comcast.  Even with customer owned equipment, this issue persists.  Everyone I know has this issue.  It is appalling but you need to reboot the system.  Sometimes twice.  I only have Internet and Comcast has:

  • replace the post and ground on the pole (twice)
  • replaced the ground wire at the house (twice) 
  • replaced ground post at house
  • re-ran and buried cable from the drop on the pole to my house (twice)
  • re-ran the coax in the house (three times) 
  • replaced my own modem (4 times)
  • I have replaced the modem (3 times)
  • I have replaced the router with different brands (3 times)
  • They have worked on the neighborhood box (twice) and found issues (once)

I have found if I logon to Comcast and send one of their "signals" to my modem about every 2-3 weeks, then reboot my router AFTER that, I am good for the next iteration of this ...


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10 m ago

This happens to me all the time, too.  I honestly wonder if they continually throttle down bandwidth more and more until you 'send the restart signal' to fix your wifi speed / connection dropping, at which point they're clued in to "we pushed it a bit too far and the customer noticed, so set it back to normal for a while until they forget again."

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