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Fri, Nov 15, 2019 3:00 PM

Re: Internet constantly drops out

@g510 wrote:

Hi, ive been dealing with my internet dropping out multiple times(5x or more) at random times throughout the day for the last 2yrs. Sometimes the internet drops out for 5mins or in some cases it could be hours. I have techs come out at least 2x a year and the problem never gets fixed, they do the same thing and tell me that the cable from the house to the pole was damaged and they replace a portion of it.  It is frustrating because we can go 1 day or 1 week at max with no interuptions then all of a sudden get plagued with constant drops daily for weeks. I replaced my modem and router this year just to make sure it wasnt my hardware and it didnt improve anything. The techs on the phone can only do so much and only cycle/reset my modem but it never helps. Any help would be appreciated

I've been on for 2 weeks and have nothing but trouble. The TV drops out 3-4 times a an hour. The internet is slow and locks up.

We had it installed by the company, we're using their equipment and its the worst service I've had. We went from fios in our previous address and had no issues.

We moved from a couple of months in an a apartment at the B=venue and no issues. It was fast and reliable. Here in westhaven it is awful. 

I've been in contact with the chat line. We've rebooted the system multiple times.  Seeing your note makes me beleive its not going to get any better.


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