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Sat, Apr 25, 2020 6:00 PM

Re: HP printer issues with new Xfinity modem

I'm having the same problem with my HP All in One printers. I have 2, different ages, having this issue only after installing the Xfinity modem. Did you ever find a fix?



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1 y ago

did you try to modify the sleep mode of the printer to make it not sleep and see if you still get this problem?

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10 m ago

Does anyone have a fix???? I have tried pretty much everything I can think of. Installed a new driver, though when I looked at the date of the driver it was Oct, 2019 and I am sure I had the most current driver since my MAC is new in 2020.  I reconnected the printer to the network, I see the printer on my MAC  (it even tells me it is low on blue ink so I know it is connecting) but when I go to print I get a "printer not responding" error. This has only started happening since we got a new modem/router from Xfinity 2 weeks ago. We had an older one from Xfinity previously so I am stumped as to where the issue is. I printed the report showing the printer is conntected to the wireless network, the same one as the MAC. I tried to follow instructions from a different older thread about showing the printer's webpage but it does not load so I got stuck with that suggestion. VERY FRUSTRATED!

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