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Tue, Sep 22, 2020 8:00 PM

Re: Gigabit Plan: Slow LAN Speeds | WIFI drops

I just upgraded my plan to Unlimited which was supposed to provide greater speed for LAN as well as WiFi. My WiFi speed is around 500mbps and my LAN has dropped to 90mbps. On my previous xfininty modem I was getting around 330mbps on both WiFi and LAN. Nothing changed but the new modem I was provided. So this appears to be an issue with the new Xfinity hardware or some internal config tweak that needs to be applied. I went through the admin settings, but I didn’t see any options that weren’t mostly default. No firmware update or anything either. I haven’t called or opened a ticket yet, but I’ll do that tomorrow.


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8 m ago

Before you do anything else, change that Ethernet cable that's going between your new modem and the next device!! As I mentioned, when you see speeds max out around 90Mbps that is almost always an indicator of Ethernet link speed that's 100M instead of 1G. If you change that Ethernet cable and it doesn't help, try yet another one! As I mentioned, a brand new Cat 6 2-foot-long cable refused to link at 1G no matter what I tried. It seems like the Comcast modems might be more sensitive than the old ones when it comes to link speed.

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