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Thu, Jun 4, 2020 10:00 AM

Re: Frequent drops...

I've had this exact issue for months. It seems about the time the C-19 lockdown began, so did the "constant" dropping. It happens several times "per hour" - roughly 5 to 15 times "per hour".

I've built all of my own computers since 1996, so I'm well aware of rebooting a computer, modem, and wiring. In fact, just to test, I removed the 1 splitter I had in the direct line from the wall, so that the line from the wall to the modem is uninterrupted - a direct line. That only made the "drop" take less time to reconnect - from 15 seconds to just under 10 seconds.

The reconnect usually takes only about 15 seconds. But it's pretty annoying when I'm attempting to resolve a site and the connection drops. I'm a Web developer and constantly on the Net. So when it's dropping all the time, it interrupts my trying to work. When I'm working inside a site and cannot reach the pages of the CMS, or attempting to save and the signal drops, it's pretty aggravating.

I've gone through ALL the steps to eliminate issues with what "I" can control and have determined that the issue is "NOT" within my home, but the signal coming from Comcast / Xfinity.

So before I call for repair, can an Xfinity employee confirm or deny that the signal is disrupted specifically due to the load and changes during C-19?


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1 y ago

Having same issue I work from home and am being dropped multi times a day past week

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9 m ago

Thanks Xfinity!

It's been nearly 3 months since I posted and NOBODY has responded.

I understand that you are inundated with Covid-19 slowing you down. But seriously?! 3 months and not even a simple response like "We understand you have an issue and we will be in touch in the next 72 hours"?

This is just wrong!

My connection drops at "LEAST" 5 times per hour. It doesn't last more than 20 to 40 seconds, but that's not the point. It happened the other night while watching TV and caused me to turn off the TV for more than 10 minutes while I rebooted everything.

Are you working only with those who pay most? Have the more expensive plan? I see hundreds of people in the last few months with the intermittent issue. I'm a techincian. Provide me the "fix" instructions and I'll do it myself!

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